Thursday, August 4, 2022

Fascia and other repairs

This project in Prescott was to take over and finish a repair project from the home owner who is quite capable of repairing it himself he just didn't have enough time between running a business and family commitments to finish it himself. The project consisted of installing some fascia that had been removed some months before. Painting the new fascia and other trim. Cut, replace and paint new soffits boards under the eaves after the fascia was installed and paint the front door. Making small repairs  to the railings and deck then recoating the deck. Reinstalling rain gutters and cleaning the entire gutter system, as it was full from years of leaves and other debris making the drains inefficient which tended to overflow in heavy rain. What made this project tricky was getting to the fascia and soffits was difficult because of the hedge in front of the deck. I had to construct a makeshift scaffold over the hedge from left over lumber on the property to be able to reach and work safely.


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