Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Custom Deck Seating

This was an interesting project for me because I designed it, built it, and finish stained it. My client lives on an artificial lake and the dock next to the lake was ageing and the seating on the deck was old, haphazard and didn't really look like it was part of what is otherwise a fantastic property.

They wanted me to repair and recoat the deck itself and then design and build and L shaped seating area that would accommodate around ten or a little more without having to setup temporary seating when hosting a backyard party. Along with the deck and seating I designed and built a large matching storage box for the life jackets and other paraphernalia related to the boat tied to the dock out of sight and secure from the harmful rays of the Arizona sun. Both the client and myself were quite happy with the results. Below are some before and after pictures.

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