Thursday, August 4, 2022

Camper Van Upgrades

 This was an interesting project a friend asked of me. She had bought a van that she was primarily self converting into a camper van for her road trips to see out of state friends and general camping. She did a really good job for the limited tools she owned and experience in these kinds of things. Simple and basic, but very functional and stayed inside a budget she was comfortable with. 

Fresh water tank
Sink and plumbing

However there was one the projects she didn't want to do herself, was adding fresh water and grey water tanks and the requisite plumbing to the sink to
make it work. In addition to the tanks and plumbing she wanted an electric valve installed on the grey water tank so she could open and drain it remotely while driving. Lastly, I made a bracket to hold her telescoping ladder in place on the back door that's used to access the roof rack and solar panels.

Electric valve and grey water tank under the van

Custom bracket for the ladder etc.

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