Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Sign Installation

 I was tasked to mount a new sign for BiGA Bistro to replace and old banner sign that had deteriorated hanging on the south facing wall. Mounting the sign itself was relatively easy. It was getting to the area above the window bump out that required using two ladders, a set of ladder jacks and a platform to bridge the bump out so we could work safely and efficiently. The sign was very light weight, but awkward to handle because it was almost four feet high and eight feet long. So aside from the equipment, I enlisted a friend to assist with the installation.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Fascia and other repairs

This project in Prescott was to take over and finish a repair project from the home owner who is quite capable of repairing it himself he just didn't have enough time between running a business and family commitments to finish it himself. The project consisted of installing some fascia that had been removed some months before. Painting the new fascia and other trim. Cut, replace and paint new soffits boards under the eaves after the fascia was installed and paint the front door. Making small repairs  to the railings and deck then recoating the deck. Reinstalling rain gutters and cleaning the entire gutter system, as it was full from years of leaves and other debris making the drains inefficient which tended to overflow in heavy rain. What made this project tricky was getting to the fascia and soffits was difficult because of the hedge in front of the deck. I had to construct a makeshift scaffold over the hedge from left over lumber on the property to be able to reach and work safely.


 In this project my client had just purchased and moved into a home that was a little to open concept between the master bedroom and master bath. She wanted a door between the two but the problem was the supply chain for getting doors (any kind of door) was ridiculously long and she wanted something done right away. So I suggested that I make a barndoor style sliding door and install that instead. She thought that was a great idea and gave me the go a head. Turn around was about a week and I saved her a ton of money because the original open behind the sliding door is a large arched opening which didn't have to be touched to install the sliding door. Meaning tearing out the arched doorway and framing in a new pre-hung door. She was very happy with the final product. I'm quite happy with it too.

Camper Van Upgrades

 This was an interesting project a friend asked of me. She had bought a van that she was primarily self converting into a camper van for her road trips to see out of state friends and general camping. She did a really good job for the limited tools she owned and experience in these kinds of things. Simple and basic, but very functional and stayed inside a budget she was comfortable with. 

Fresh water tank
Sink and plumbing

However there was one the projects she didn't want to do herself, was adding fresh water and grey water tanks and the requisite plumbing to the sink to
make it work. In addition to the tanks and plumbing she wanted an electric valve installed on the grey water tank so she could open and drain it remotely while driving. Lastly, I made a bracket to hold her telescoping ladder in place on the back door that's used to access the roof rack and solar panels.

Electric valve and grey water tank under the van

Custom bracket for the ladder etc.

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Law Practice Reception Area

 For this project I was tasked with designing and building a Large reception area for an Attorney that was moving his practice to a new location. I spent some time with the attorneys to determine how much equipment such as computers, printers, paper shredders etcetera was required for two partner attorneys, junior attorneys
and several paralegals aside from what was going in their individual offices. The photographs here show you the progress from the initial building stages to the finished product.

Upgrading Bathroom Fixtures

 This client bought a weekend getaway home in Prescott Valley to escape the Phoenix area summer heat. Enough said about that. He asked me to install new shower and bathtub doors to match the sinks and doorknob hardware. Out with the chrome and in with the antique bronze. I've known and worked with this client many for many years in the Phoenix area and he is very particular about the finished project details. Fortunately, I'm as particular as he is, so I know what he wants, and that's why he chooses me over other Handymen.

Custom Deck Seating

This was an interesting project for me because I designed it, built it, and finish stained it. My client lives on an artificial lake and the dock next to the lake was ageing and the seating on the deck was old, haphazard and didn't really look like it was part of what is otherwise a fantastic property.

They wanted me to repair and recoat the deck itself and then design and build and L shaped seating area that would accommodate around ten or a little more without having to setup temporary seating when hosting a backyard party. Along with the deck and seating I designed and built a large matching storage box for the life jackets and other paraphernalia related to the boat tied to the dock out of sight and secure from the harmful rays of the Arizona sun. Both the client and myself were quite happy with the results. Below are some before and after pictures.