Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Patio Home Repairs and Upgrades Prior to Sale

This patio home hadn't been updated since it was built in the 1960s. Prior to selling the owner needed several repairs done and wanted suggestions for possible upgrades before putting it the market. Most of the work was done by me, however the two bathrooms tile bathtub and shower surrounds and granite countertops were done by those respective specialists. Aside from those two items, the repairs/upgrades included replacement of some decayed fascia painting and some minor termite damage in several places, primarily around the garage door. Installed a very nice sliding glass door in the master bath. I suggested and updated the the look of what he called the inner courtyard. The hallway was always dark so I replaced the two bedroom doors ten pane frosted glass doors to allow light in from the bedrooms while maintaining privacy. I also painted most of the interior. Including painting the kitchen cabinets inside and out after removing the old countertop in preparation for the granite install. Aside from probably a dozen other small repairs and upgrades, the last biggish upgrade was removing a wet bar countertop and sink tucked into a small niche only twelve feet from the kitchen sink. It was useless so I suggested turning it into a pantry because the kitchen itself was small and didn't have much storage. Turned out really well.

There many more upgrades/updates etc but these were the highlights.

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